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     Can you imagine

    What it feels like to live in a home that is so quiet you can barely hear the neighbors, so comfortable that it takes very little energy to either cool or heat, so safe that even if there is a tornado overhead you don't have to leave! Most of us in the US can't for the simple reason that we live in a stick and brick home that cost all we could afford and the option for something better was neither affordable nor available. Most of us can't even imagine such a home much less have the opportunity to live in one. I do and I as well as a few other contractors build them and they are affordable and they do cost very little to heat and cool and they are safe! They also last for hundreds of years. Quiet, comfortable, energy efficient, tornado proof homes that are built from the earth with local resources that last for generations and are beautiful and affordable. What more could you ask for?

      The basic premise of an Earth Block Home is all about mass, for our interests today that equates to the weight of the home, so it can't be blown down, and thermal capability, ie, heat transfer. The weight of each block is about 26 lbs. which translates to a structure consisting of 5000 block weighing about 120,000 lbs or 60 tons.

     One of the things we do is build earthblock interior walls for major partitions between bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas which completely sound proof the home and provide a measure of privacy that can only be experienced to be appreciated. These interior walls also provide a huge thermal mass that stabilizes the interior temperature inhibiting the temperature swings so widely experienced by the inhabitants of the standard stick frame home.

     Gravity is a wonderful thing when it comes to keeping the walls on the ground in a vertical position but we also address the roof and tie it to the foundation as well as use products that will not detach in a major wind storm. The result is a quiet, energy-efficient, tornado proof home and yes, all this is still affordable. We will most certainly be in both the Joplin and Tuscaloosa areas so if you or someone you know need a little home repair job because it was obliterated this spring let us know and if you are building in tornado alley and want a quote we would be happy to oblige.

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The vast majority of Americans never think about how their home is built until they loose it in a disaster, There are a lot of us right now and we need answers, the government will not help us as they are wedded to the corporate giant concrete and lumber industries and the insurance companies don't really care as they can just raise rates to insure their profitability. So it is up to us to determine how we live! Actually I prefer it that way.

Contractors, pay attention, the stick frame home is a thing of the past! There is something new!

If you are like the the vast majority of us your home is your single largest asset. So build it to last, make it green and make it SAFE.

These homes are or will be Tornado Proof

The Permanent Home!
Vaughn Fryfogle

The recent storm systems that raced across the deep south (bringing massive carnage, total destruction of housing and many fatalities) have exposed a huge and ongoing flaw in the construction of most modern American homes.

Modern day stick and brick houses are not the enduring haven of security for our families that a home should be, and unfortunately the problem is not a lack of ability, resources or funding. (read more)

       An Overview of Construction.....

        For many years the Earth Construction Industry has concentrated on seismic resistant construction in the Western U.S. resulting in acceptable building technology for most areas, however for many reasons the rest of the country has been resistant to or ignorant of this remarkable product.

Some of these reasons are: (read more)

If you would like to talk to someone you can call either Vaughn Fryfogle in Mississippi at 601-818-9600, Blake Wimpee in San Angelo at 325-227-9396
or Dan Powell in Albuquerque at 505-362-2737